Outhesta is a continent located in northern Outhria, on the opposite side of the world. It is a large landmass filled with aeons of history. It appears in A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun, where it is under the control of the Shard of the Sun, after seizing it from the Ghosts of Iron. During the primordial ages, Outhesta was the first created continent by the Absolutes, and was the birthplace of the Four Gods of Outhesta who fought in the most bloody conflict the world has ever seen.

During the Risen Sun storyline, the adventurers join allies to stop the Shard of the Sun's subjugation and fight to reclaim it from their clutches. However, during the events, the adventurers realize that the Shard of the Sun may not be the true threat, and that with the Evil One's return, they and the Shard share common enemies. It is also later discovered that the lands have never experienced temporal or spatial interference, after it was revealed that the Great Turnback only affected the lower half of Outhria.


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