Neverends (or Neverend Old Ones) are a species of extremely dangerous, aberratious beings hailing from an infinitum of dimensions within the Almighty Expanse, specifically the "branch dimension" of Neverspace. They share similarities with the Old Ones and Outer Old Ones, having goals of their own volition, and have an extremely vile source of power. Their first mention was from Aulas from The Secret World questline, who called them an "evil worse than your gods", but weren't named as such until A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun. The Neverends have been around on Outhria since the primordial ages, but ultimately retreated to the Neverspace. They now seek to make their return, however, their kind is being prevented as such by the Aegis of Absolution made by the Shardlord.

Like the Old Ones and Outer Old Ones, the Neverends have a "forefather" but have more than one. One of their kind, Aq'riox, infests the Caelastiae Nexus, hoping to unmake it, and another of their kind, Endra, fought Luther Die back in Outhria's primordial age. A characteristic of the Neverends is they are "immortal" and if they die, they return to Neverspace, essentially meaning they can't be completely destroyed.




There were several Neverends that continually exist.


  • The "Nevers" are ranked in power determined by the length of their "caste" after the word "Never". Neverend are the strongest, Nevermore are the next, Neverfyend are the following, and Neverwrayth are the following afterwards.